letras de yung simmie – eyes low

por favor espere um momento...

eyes low so who is you?

[verse 1: lil champ fway]
i came up straight from the dirt
seen n-ggas lose they life over turf
might roll the purp’, observe
f-ck n-ggas is absurd
don’t think smart, blood on the curb
hit the fence and police swerve
my mind drift when i’m on the herb
triflin’ b-tches, they got some nerve
people watchin, now they reachin’
who is you, why you speakin’?
eyes low we h-lla’ chiefin’
roll another one for no reason
i’m serious like t.i.p
f-cked up off g.t.v
shout out to birdman, my n-ggas still posted on the curb d-mn
all the d-mn time i stay weeded (weeded!)
h-ll yeah i want it i need it (i need it!)
up here posted with the angels
cause i’m in a world full of demons
tell that b-tch welcome to the darkside
one fight, phonk’ a n-gga then we all ride


[verse 2: yung simmie]
i be the n-gga who hit her
i be the n-gga who with her
she rollin my swisher, ain’t takin no pictures
i might just dismiss her
dont love her, dont kiss her
you love her, you miss her
i’m chillin’ with two
just thought that you knew
the lyrical pistol i’m aiming at you, and zimmerman too
no coppin’ a deuce, i lean off the juice
purple drank sip, just me and my crew
they want me to stop but i do what i do
so look at me, look at me countin’ this loot
my eyes h-lla’ low so n-gga who you
my eyes h-lla’ red, i’mma smoke til’ i’m dead
five blunts to the head, won’t talk to the feds, i’m splittin’ they head
don’t play with my bread
guillotine flow cause it’s off for the head
f-ckin’ your b-tch til’ we fall off the bed
cause the flow like braille when it’s red
hammer in my hand that’s a nail to your head
i smoke loud pack you can smell it in my dreads
and my whole team g yeah you heard what i said
before you catch rep with my team, who you?
my eyes h-lla low, all i see is my boots
i’m talkin to your girl and she say that she like me
young -ss n-gga got kids like spike lee!


- letras de yung simmie

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