young disciples – all i have in me

por favor espere um momento...

i might get lucky if i shine up my old act
get you to trust me, prove i can do better than that
it’s been such a long, long time since i have known someone so rare
you’re quite the goldmine; i find peace when you are there

don’t fear what you feel, old wounds can be healed
come close for to see all i have in me

my strongest virtue is i can hold on till the end (all i have in me)
no i won’t hurt you, baby, i’ll be your best friend
don’t let my affections spook you; my love would do you no harm
i never want to lose you; there is no cause for alarm


(all i have in me) sugar don’t you make me wait, don’t you make me suffer
you know i won’t hesitate
just come on inside and see all i have in me
all i have in me

my only weakness is your eyes your smile and your touch
you know i feel this -still you play hide and seek and such
i’m not your history; i should not pay for others’ debts
once you get to know me all of the rest you will forget


(don’t be scared baby) (i’ll mend your broken heart)
(you haven’t even tried me) (throughout thick and thin) (all i have in me)
(stop your running around) (give into the love you’ve found) (all i have)
(a frightened boy you’ll stay) (all i have) (if you run me away) (all i
(before you say no) (all i have) (see how far it is we’ll go) (all i have)

- letras de young disciples

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