yo gotti – miami

por favor espere um momento...

(feat. rick ross & dj khaled)

[intro: dj khaled]
yeah we gettin’ money n-gg-
we gettin’ money n-gg-
we the best
it’s dj khaled doing that
big dog pit bull, terror squad and yo gotti
rick ross (ross) listen…

[hook: with rick ross ad-libs]
take me to miami tonight
i-i-i-i wanna party in miami tonight

[verse 1: yo gotti]
ross, yeah tell me what a hundred cost
a hundred on the watch, a hundred on the cross
hundred thousand dollar car, now that’s a whip
hundred bullets in the clip, bout to let it rip
hundred on the vacation, now that’s a trip
i’m down there f-ckin’ with them haitians, i’m bout to flip
a hundred thousand of them pills, a half a mill
a hundred thousand on the tab, that’ll get’cha killed
a hundred hundreds, young’n he’ll get’cha done
in north memphis we be posted with a hundred guns
yo gotti, triple cs stamped on everyone
i’m back and forth to m-i-a tryin’ to cop a ton

[hook x2]

[verse 2: rick ross]
yo gotti n-gg- tell me what the lick read
sixteen look at me blowin’ big weed
seventeen, i stumbled across my first ki
eighteen grand blowed in the first week
on that street sh-t yeah that’s what we eat with
turn a half to a whole, sell his -ss the remix
i get chickens in flocks, get the benz in the box
i get plenty of shots just if he big and he box
i supply the supplier, get you higher and higher
half a brick for the rims, that’s just to admire
yo gotti my n-gg-, when you need ’em i send ’em
i’m in debt with the lord, at least a couple million, ross

[hook x2]

[verse 3: yo gotti]
i ain’t sold a million records or won a grammy
but i seen a million dollars worth of nose candy
miami, that’s the home of the cheap price
where you can ball and re-up in the same night
watchin’ “cocaine cowboys” like this the sh-t
f-ck a rap career i’d rather have a hundred bricks
cause this real money right here, right now
i’d be two and a half platinum right now
on my way, goin’ on a cocaine tour
alabama, atlanta, memphis clean up to detroit
only a and our gat hold a hundred rounds
so you can play if you wanna n-gg- it’s goin’ down
and i don’t need a manager cause i don’t trust a soul
one day five birds sold just like the show
count my own paperwork, make my own decisions
executive produce my whole alb-m off of movin’ chicks

[hook x2]

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