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xzibit – throw it like it’s free

por favor espere um momento...

“throw it like it’s free”
(feat. black milk, phats & tre capital)

[chorus: phats]
only the best of the best around me
big coupe, n-gg-z know about me
styrofoam cup with promethazine
got my body on lean, tell ’em “slow it down please”
never play with a n-gg-
drive by, never wave at a n-gg-
g-5, real plane/plain on a n-gg-
i’ma pray for you n-gg-z and we throwin it like it’s free

[black milk]
america’s nightmare
the american dream
sounds like the beginnin of the endin
of the millenium when you in a storm’s lightning
inner city kid with a pipe dream
shut down in the blink of an eye
handcuffed in the back of a cop car
on the block where his best friend just died
everything they showed and they know is lies
everything we had before it was ours
look real deep in the eyes of ’em
look real deep in the minds of the blind and
put my time in the rhyme and
do you by the signs of the time kid
whenever i spit that, line for line sh-t quick, quick
e’rybody calm down just for a bit
yo, livin in the land of the dark
livin in the land of the lost
30,000 feet up ’til we landed
goin city to city to rock, watch all the fans put they hands up, up
this is that realer, iller, killer
down for a n-gg-, i’m standin (yeah!)
somethin that’s iller, iller, n-gg- (yeah)
somethin that the people are demandin

check the background, your rap’s not tight
we don’t fight, we push lead through the pipe
came like a thief in the night
i lean with the left then i follow right behind with the right
california term’ on sight
then i take it back to the d, “whatupdoe?”
cut up flow the same way i cut up blow
shut up hoe, abducted, u.f.o.
walk in a war zone, u.s.o.
i’m at an all-time new plateau, lockin a round let it go
anybody get bodied you better know
can’t do anything about it but get low
on the real, before you get the maybach and the self-made tags
get your own lane, f-ck tryin to bring the game back
slap you out them skinny -ss jeans with a back slap
better make change, you them n-gg-z get they chain sn-tched


[tre capital]
lobster perception, stand at ease with attention
did i really even have to mention?
now me, x, black on a pursuit of perfection
formulate a plot, man f-ck your conception
brand new n-gg- with a flow that’s divine
all they ever did was write line after line
killin time after time and i’m not in my prime
so instead of watchin the throne man the glory is mine
where do we go when we conquered it all?
how do we feel when there’s nothin at all?
why do we walk when we started to crawl?
but like king james i was destined to ball
like what up, what up, we got one, hot one
spit lyrical homicide with a shotgun
click clack boom, praise god that we lost son
told these muh’f-ckers not to mess with the wrong one
songs don’t wait, welcome to the new edition
hand-to-hand, eliminate the compet-tion
westside to the d, it’s a coalition
that we grind so hard that we had to give the
rags to the riches, keys to the business
what is this? just a young n-gg- with ambition
knock your head off, protect my position
man down, man on a mission, listen


- letras de xzibit

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