wolf – whisky psycho hellions

por favor espere um momento...

h-llo my friend, it’s me again
reckon you remember me
nice to meet you, nice to eat you
nice surprise, where have you been?
like a re-occurring dream
the bad kind, if you know what i mean
bet you wish i disappear
i’m not going anywhere

whisky psycho h-llions
waste my time away

the essence of insanity
ice cold inhumanity
please give me a hand
i need to eat the flesh right off the bone
i’m a taker, i’m a fake
chameleon of the masquerade
blood-sucker and parasite
imposter and eternal lie

whisky psycho h-llions
waste my time away
whisky psycho h-llions
waste of time and sp-ce

- letras de wolf

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