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wiz khalifa – wassup

por favor espere um momento...


some old school sh-t.
when uhhhh, you be at the lunch table
ha ha ha.
this that right here.

uh yeah
i put my team on
now we in the game but i memba days when i ain’t have no-one to lean on
i learned to hold my own
and sing the skys the limit, take a hundred dollar bill and make a paper plane.
and try to make a name
and when ya done giving ya all you give ya everythang
you got what it takes
i told the world my song
they lovin it
you can’t tell me nothin cause my whole clique stuntin
boy w-ssuppp

yeahhhhhh [x4]

so where ya goin, ya lifes on a road
from the party to the plane and ya names in the light show.
you find your way back home, away from all the pressure and a women tryin to stress you
find a new one
you’ve reached a new phase
they got you lookin at tomorrow like a new stay
and not a new day
to some it may seem wrong
but f-ck it, cause i’m good weed puffin and my whole team stuntin
boy w-ssuppp

yeahhhhhh [x4]

and i hop up out the bed
grab my iphone
put some kush in the swisha
roll one up
when you live the star life
gotta go hard so you workin all night, sleep when the sun come up

yeahhhhhh [x2]


- letras de wiz khalifa

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