witch hunt – a slow decay

por favor espere um momento...

stick the needle in
run through my veins
a momentary lapse
no longer feel my pain
the pressure is building
will i sink or swim?
in a world that hates me
a battle i’ll never win
trying to escape
something i can’t run from
i’m holding myself back
from feeling what’s real
can’t hide from myself
because i won’t go away
it’s taking a toll
as i slowly decay
i look in the mirror
don’t like what i see
maybe another hit
will help comfort me
i’ll close my eyes
see what tomorrow brings…
open my eyes
to start a new day
i’ll make things right
change my old ways
but i can hardly breathe
the stench suffocates me
confined by four walls
darkness surrounds me
is it too late to turn back
and do things over from the start?
erase my past mistakes
i deserve another chance
but there’s no turning back
when it’s all over.

- letras de witch hunt

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