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wale – barry sanders

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“barry sanders”

[verse 1]
i don’t gotta be here. look
i need your admiration for infiniti
not that this ain’t lucrative, but i just need your energy
i got the p-ssion to please, i will not gasp or fatigue
anyway i’m ballin, gimme a grammy or give me your beat
standing ov, let these b-tches follow me
and i just give them d, give them d like they is out the league
hasheem thabeet and various other peoples
the pressures of greatness always comes with critiquing
newest of sneakers, you consuming the bleachers
blewin’ some reefer in my zone like a 2-3 defense
mmg up, we up, y’all just relax
all my females show bust, curtis enis
nittany lion, my penn state it, n-gg-s recite it
i’m michael jordan major, you n-gg-s harold miner
p-ssy be all on me, we too young for romancin’
my n-gg-s never block, i think i’m barry sanders

[verse 2]
vic page never made it, len bias never made it
see god gave us the talent, but the devil make us famous
my effort is contagious, so check this boa sh-t
with this recording i’m as sick as jordan before game 6
jazz talkin and i bet i pick and roll with your b-tch
you got some paper for me? hit me on the h-rnacek
walter payton mercedez. sweetness in every ride
hold on my pupils slowing, i don’t got no lazy eye
? pockets about as thick as strippers on poles
zone blocking with these b-tches, i’m just picking a hole
pardon that jargon but since i’m balling they getting salty
they all catching feelings. i should biletnikoff ’em
them n-gg-s talking. they like man he official
man, you olowokandi i’m just being specific
i’m just bein’ prolific. right now don’t need no mrs
i got a rack of trojans, knowing my lane kiffin
i’m tryin’ pimp em i’m trying to be that cool
all them b-tches converse with me off that react juice
now jordan iii my shoe. double m g my crew
when you do it big as manute you make it seem minute
ricky more flight
interscope feeling like charlotte
when they traded kobe you know?
better let it go. rozay finna re-up
he got himself a kobe and they stuck with vlade divac
and we dont lada de da i’m convertin’ the people
shout old b-tches go hail mary when i throw that d-route
haha. now keep out. me and my whole team out
and i’m as high as deion. feet is headed to the house

- letras de wale

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