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vybz kartel – no dutty panty

por favor espere um momento...

nuh dutty panty no dutty panty , mek da droze deh is not fi yuh anuty if yah nuh christian droze nuh fi holey it fava di football net you a goaly. nuh dutty panty no dutty panty mek sure da droze deh is not fi yuh aunty if yah nuh christain droze nuh fi holey why mesh yah nuh goaly

if yah pany a black yuh pum pum fat, if yuh panty a white baby di p-ssy t-te, yuh see if yuh c-m here widout underwear yuh ready fi suiddung pan buddy like chair , yuh panty a brown v-g-n- weigh a pound if a grey yuh nuh sell p-ssy pre paid but if di panty a blue and di croaches a pink a infection di p-ssy stink(baby)
she want reconstuction tell har guh check missa willaiam . she still look mash up wid har millions she p-ss from cool face guh to billy ham a idiot , idiot wid har brilliance but yuh a push mega force like tevihance yuh p-ss from base line guh to trilliance yuh work hard like ants fi put money inna yuh skirt and yuh blousse nad yuh pants soooo


- letras de vybz kartel

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