letras de volbeat – magic zone

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“magic zone”

hide or alone you make it feel at home
silence is not even there no more
you make it feel at ease something to embrace
a heart that’s forever believing it

life ain’t that good that it’s worth dying for
but baby i’ll always take a bullet for you
hold on tight before tomorrow is gone
a wake up call greeting me with a smile
a new day is born and the old is behind
million crazy b-tterflies getting drunk we are one

i’m down on my tail but i’m up and i can feel it again
angels wings unfold and the devil sitting moaning alone
i’ve been down but i’m back in a magic zone

walking through life never thought that i could
finding a soul mate and marry her too
we’re distorted but we fit like a glove
pleasure and pain will walk hand in hand
no place to run take it all day by day
what it takes what it makes let it breathe celebrate

- letras de volbeat

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