venom – lady lust

por favor espere um momento...

comes alive at midnight on the streets to make her way
in dim lit corners, dressed in black, the b-tch portrayed
oh, what’s your thing, young man? or try her lucky dip
the golden showers, free but don’t forget the tip

she can be your mama
she can be your child
she can be your slave girl
boy medusa, necrophile

lady l-st, lady l-st
what a b-tch

she’s never disappointing, she’s got what you need
from scents to make you buzz or whips to make you bleed
there’s nothing she can’t do, don’t be afraid to ask
she’s got a farm out back, hot souvenirs in flasks

she can take you inside out
she can take you all
she can take you anytime
just name it, big or small, boy

lady l-st, lady l-st
lady l-st

sk-nk b-tch,
come up and f-cking see me sometime

lady l-st, lady l-st
lady l-st, f-cking b-tch

s-xual vampire, succubus of carnal l-st
she’ll suck you dry of love, -rg-sms turn to dust
she loves to wind you up, then drop you like a toy
you may look like a man but you feel like a boy

she’s got you by the b-lls
she’s got your life
she’s got your parents, cousins
children and your wife

lady l-st, lady l-st
lady l-st

- letras de venom

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