letras de uzi x reaper – i’m evol

por favor espere um momento...

yo, hl nigga
see i don’t religion, never met jesus
only time i’d give a blessing’s when that nigga god sneezes
misfits on my left, misfits on my right
i kick a freestyle over 5 am to get these niggas hype
reaping ’em with the puns and never feeling contrite
and i’m attracted to what i do just like a moth and a light
and you ain’t stepping up to uzi cause we nothing alike
you ain’t hit the net yet, safe to say you’re a spike
i’m going off on the beat, fuck keeping the peace
and yes i know that life’s a b-tch but i got a brand new leash
and success is down the road and i’m so eager to meet, just like i was a butcher
i’m eager to meat
get it? nah you don’t get it
crossing lines like it’s scrimmage
there’s pictures within the lyrics
close your eyes and get the image
i want you to reach my level so you and your niggas feel it
it’s the reap god flow you can’t beat it so you fear it
godd-mn lemme get it
ima flick it till i’ve lit it
p-ss the spliff and let me hit it
ima k!ll it
gotta k!ll this shit
like a house spider
reaper skull spittin’ flame guess i’m ghost rider
reaping the competition misfitted with my bros
introduced ’em to the rap and told ’em never fuck with hoes
now they stay away from the past tense of blow
and if that line went over heads i guess you weren’t meant to know
my girl on my mind
the world on my nerves
i still somehow overcome ’em and vex ’em with the words
rolling thick blunts now my lines getting blurred
i’m raising the bar high and leaving the thoughts stirred
you niggas don’t want beef i’ll send you back to the herd
reap you then skate away like it never occurred
and that’s straight from the heart
i’m a fucking work of art
and i’m known for taking dubs so you gone need a head start
but hl gonna win first place on every fucking chart
eat ’em like a dog you’re the marrow in the ribs
write the lyrics with power ink
it’s stronger than fucking squids
you think you k!lling the team boy you telling a fib
and if i’m crushing feelings, that’s a fuck i don’t give
-n-logies from head to start like a fucking mad lib d-mn
never feared man, not bullshittin’ y’all
just keep me buzzing and i’ll forever be raw
this shit ain’t for me, this shit is for y’all
my day one fans all the ladies and dawgs
i mean i better myself
never letting myself
fall under the fucking pressure of neglecting the wealth
weaponized my mind and put the lyrics to the beats
as soon as time elapses i’ll be superb and supreme
seen this shit in my days when i was sleep
nigga i k!ll ’em all
hence the name reap

misfit uzi going in for the win
if you don’t get the picture clean the dust off your lens
i got me forgiving me for my abundance of sins
i got me forgiving me for my abundance of sins
i got ’em smoking with ya boy i got ’em fucked up shawty awww yeah
hl nigga

- letras de uzi x reaper

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