unlord – midnight in hell

por favor espere um momento...

[the quest for wisdom]

the young boy awakens, in the desert of sand, amidst the serpents
h-ll has sent ‘speak to me with wisdom or bring me your pain’
the five year old spoke as a man
the arabs who found him looked in the eyes
they fed him and led him and treasured his life
their lord hath arrived!
they spoke and they learned him, to fight and survive,
to avenge his blood, the unfaithful must die!
it’s midnight in h-ll
midnight! midnight in h-ll!
the arabs who found him prepared him for night,
eternal wisdom in the absence of light
he slayed the ones who tought him, created an altar of their limbs,
drinks their blood and speaks the chants
in the tongue of his newfound fatherland, it’s midnight in h-ll!
midnight! midnight in h-ll!

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