underlined – within destruction we rise

por favor espere um momento...

you think i’m taking this for granted
but all the time that you’d beg
brought all the times i’d forgive
you’ll think im lying, that i planned this
but every time you’d admit
i swore i’d get you through this

forget (all of my pointless advances)
forget (that im still dead inside)
forfit (all of your failing pretenses)
forfit (while they live lies)

connect my flesh to freezing steel
the overwhelming peace of suffering
iced over, cold, bitter bite unhealed
the price you pay to sleep so comfortably

we share the physical and vain
i have no doubts of rationality
i know we’ll share this bed of worms
the price you’d pay the get best of me

step one (you’ve got to learn to forget)
step two (forgive)
step three (put your dead foot forward)
step four (give in)

now we’re here and done pretending
let your love fade back to hating

not here to pretend, just here to forget
whats left between us, what i swore i’d rebuild
not here to be your friend
not stepping back to that
i gave you too much
now im paying the price for my past

my past does not define who i am

i wont let this ruin me
f-ck all forgiveness f-ck all second chances
i dont care what your friends believe
f-ck all your begging and your devilish glances

there all momentary
you wont understand me
this life has come to past
when you’re all i had left

when i’ve tried and fallen short
and it’s become my last resort
when you’ve tried and fallen short
when you’re all im fighting for

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