troop – my heart

por favor espere um momento...

verse 1:
they say that good things come to those who wait
and i’ve been waiting for a while
to try to find a special lady
someone that has your style
i thought i had you in my pocket girl
zipped up tight and secure
then somehow i let you slip away
for the pressure has been more than i can endure

my heart
will always be the same
my heart
oh you can never change
my heart
will be this way without you
it’s just another lonely day

verse 2:
just like an auction my heart was up for grabs
i know that i was taking a chance
and then you left it like i knew you would
and took away my one and only romance


what happened to our love?
where did it go?
wont you please tell me cause i don’t know
all the love and all the kisses out of my life
was what i’ve been missing


- letras de troop

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