trip lee – no worries (remix)

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“no worries (remix)”
(feat. lecrae & flame)

[hook x2: trip lee]
i told them brothers that his standard’s too high
i ain’t stutter but they wonder how i plan on getting by
i just tell them i ain’t got no worries, i ain’t worried bout a thing
yeah, i ain’t got no worries, i ain’t worried bout a thing

[verse 1: lecrae]
hey, trip, i’m feeling good, ain’t worried bout a thing
i’m feeling like a winner since i been put on the game
see some think it’s the fame, or that i’m trusting change
but when my change strange i’m still trusting in the king
i’m so turned up, no liquor in my veins
i know you get the picture, no purple in my frame
and speaking of my frames, no i ain’t wearing prada
no gucci or no louis, but worries: i got nada
my comforts in the father, he take care of my needs
i swear the world ain’t big enough to satisfy my greed
the lord is my shepherd, i’m on them 23’s
don’t try to gas me up cause i don’t run on gasoline
and you know what i mean, cause i ain’t talking cars
the peace i got is dope, man, and i ain’t talking hard
hey, you know what i’m saying, cause i ain’t talking bills
the hope i got is priceless and i ain’t taking deals


[verse 2: flame]
prior to christ, your boy was dumb and god shoulda smashed me
headed, headed nowhere fast and i doubt if you’d p-ss me
wishing for heaven like god had a gl-ss-jarred genie
my lips touched the dutch but never martini (never drank though)
16 years in that graveyard (graveyard), one word from christ now i am a braveheart
what do i mean? that my heart is brave
and that’s the way it’s been paved, not the mark it’s made
jesus saves cause the standard is high (the standard is high)
and not supposed to save yourself like to stand in the sky (stand in the sky)
to say you can is a unanimous lie
that’s why the father sent the son to the planet to die
but he didn’t stay dead (dead), he resurrected, cause
and it’s on that basis that i am accepted, cause
and even though i fall short as a christian now (i do)
i’m made and seen as perfect in position now


[verse 3: trip lee]
hey, what a mystery (what?), looking at my past i should be history (yeah?)
but god saw fit to see me walking in his victory (okay)
it’s out with the old me, he chose me and evicted me (yeah)
it’s in with the new me, the new, man, he is fixing me (c’mon)
my lord was a carpenter, he put me back together, man
better feelings, better actions, and i got a better brain
blew my old brains out, man it’s a beretta, man
the spirit blows where it wishes, now i’m his forever, man
can’t lie, that i’m a still be sinning ’til the day i die
but i’m also fighting like a t-tan tryna stay alive
sin brings death to me, jesus is my way to god
i’m going down if he ain’t around, like mary j. describes (yes sir)
i feel a peace cause jesus, he intercedes
earned death from my daddy, my sin is in his decease
cast away, it was placed on the sinless, he intervened
got no worries on my brain, i’m singing it in the streets


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