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trip lee – let ’em know

por favor espere um momento...

first let’s spit the truth
then pray the spirit moves
let’s serve him in our youth
we gotta let em know
let’s tell em they missin’ him and that they sick in sin
get they attention then
we gotta let em know
hey let’s come and bring the word of the one that runs this thing
we young and unashamed
we gotta let em know
let’s represent the king
let’s help ’em miss the flames
since they think this a game
we gotta let em know

[verse 1:]
hey anywhere that we go
we gotta let them boys know
why we speak, why we flow
what we got all this joy for?
who we makin noise for?
dog it’s a automatic answer
all believers gotta stand up
from dallas down to atlanta
jehovah nissi the banner
who saved us from satan’s slander
get yo hands up
he’s comin hear all us holla hosanna
we all will follow commandments
in honor to god we stand with
his word/ a new brand of folks tryna follow his standards
we could be around some thugs
all packin all hostile
we still christian, we ain’t trippin
run up on em with the gospel
we could be up in the mall
but we ain’t tryna ball
we tryna tell em only christ can cure the sickness of the fall
we christians standin tall
we listen to his call
we love him so much that we celebratin christmas in the fall
so it ain’t no thing
we ain’t scared to say
that we gon share our faith
yeah we gon let em know


[verse 2:]
so if you saved and taken out of your sin
then you’ve received the holy spirits power within
now you can read the bible and see how he can send
some girls and guys alive in christ to tell all about him
but now you gotta learn the facts so you can tell other guys
how we don’t deserve jack but christ said he’d come and die
rose back up in the sky
we some heathens it’s true
but we don’t never have to die if we believe in this dude
we can spread it where you live
we can mess with them first
but after we done with them we hit the rest of the earth
it ain’t the best of your works
the thing to save you is jesus
we tryna let his word spread like contagious diseases
he saves who he pleases and he uses us
all his saints, his believers to move this stuff
so we gon let him use us
tell em what the truth does
and we gon show some dudes love
yeah we gon let em know


[verse 3:]
i’m tryna hit em with the truth
so they can get a better glimpse
the remotest part too
we tryna hit every inch
it’s the gospel
not only does it make better sense
but the only way to heaven’s through the one that’s heaven sent
jesus christ
and we won’t stop dude
until he got you
not just the burbs but the hoods and the blocks too
it’s no qualifications
they can be part of the flock too
all they need is faith
call on his name is all they gotta do
but how can they call on him if they don’t believe
and tell me how can they believe if they don’t hear n-body preach
we ain’t gotta do much
god’s truth is complete
check romans 10: 15
we got some beautiful feet
he’s comin back
if they don’t know he died at the cross
they gettin left behind like conerbacks on moss
so we feel a strong burden
to tell em what the word did
to save us from the furnace
we gotta let em know


- letras de trip lee

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