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trevor hall – well i say…

por favor espere um momento...

well i say…
spread the wings of your b-tterfly
i imply
color me in begin to bring the fantasy to life
to avoid the confusion
we’re in an illusion
how much poison can you swallow
flip the switch
pucker up and kiss
feed the inner child until it’s full with bliss
well i say what you going to do when dracula comes for you
stand there until you go hollow

mister mister
can i get a 10-4
do you agree that there’s a monster at the front door
ready to bang it down
swallow up the town
put the children up for ransom
and make himself a crown
mister mister
do you agree
that there’s some one in this village that stole our apple seed
the ocean’s drying up
constellations are corrupt
and all i can hear is this sound

well i believe
yes sir, i believe
i believe in the lime tree
well how did you find me
i believe in the power that will save
i believe that this monster can finally be tamed
deep in the hearts of the hearts of the youth
there is a magical flower blooming parachutes
plenty to go around
your feet won’t hit the ground
this love it comes in pounds
open up and taste the sound
well i say
well i say
i think i’ve had enough
today gonna be the day
last night i had the vision of a princess
sparked up a candle and lit her up with incense
she whispered in my ear
baby have no fear
i am here
dry your tears
all the pirates that our near shall retire when they see my empire
no match for this angel of fire

yes he’s at the front door
telling me he’s gonna blow it down and that we’re captured
oh my baby
well don’t you be afraid
i’ve got a secret of all secrets that is keeping him away
at the back door
back door
baby there’s an angel
whispering me melodies of all her hidden fables
we will never die
don’t you ever ever cry
protected by the queen of the sky

- letras de trevor hall

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