tony toni tone – whatever you want

por favor espere um momento...

i don’t wish you no bad luck baby
i don’t wish you no strain
i only wanted to expose your life to the finer things
i offer you my company, girl
you don’t need no sympathy
you just need some one who cares

whatever you want
girl you know i can provide
whatever you need (when ever you need me)
call 632-2135

now maybe i should drive right over
show you my new ride
or take you shopping out on the town
will that make you feel your best
or go out of my way to make sure you have everything
i live to be the one who will always be there to give you

[ch-r-s: x2]

so, what makes you think i would try to run a game on you
just as sure as my name is d’wayne
i’ll be there for you and i’ll…
treat you just like a queen and give you fine things
you’ll never have to worry about another in your place
believe me when i say

[ch-r-s: x2]

now you know i’ve never been the type to have
a loss for words
so i tell you these feelings i have for you
they’re all so true girl
i heard someone say that love can be so blind
i’ll give you your sp-ce to go
and you know i’ll always be there for you


[ch-r-s: back ground till end of the song]

girl, i will be right there for you
whenever you need me just call
whatever you want

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