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timeflies – switchblade

por favor espere um momento...


[verse 1]
the road is endless and he walks alone
in his own mind he is walkin’ home
but what he runs from are demons that will tag along
and drag down at the duster of a vagabond
he keeps movin’ now only to slow the wrath
carryin’ a switch blade and a photograph
longin’ for a past, still he tries to start anew
and he hasn’t giving up yet but he’s starting to
see, he’s driven every one of his dream cars down memory lane
spent nights out in the white house and of course joy rides on every plane
thinks he’s keepin’ it sane, cooled by the rain, takin’ his aim, fueled by the pain
of dreamin’ again and again of a life he’ll never get to regain
walkin’ in a world he’s never known but he always knew
that in these streets he stands alone, never still he p-sses through
on the move, leavin’ everywhere he goes without a trace
mindful of manufactured memories that have been erased

i run, but i fall
can anyone, anyone at all
see what i see now
as the world ends tonight
how long, can i go
and will i last, even when i know
that there’s no way out
as the world ends tonight

[verse 2]
hate in his heavy heart, wind on his weathered face
struggles he hopes will him find a better place
rememberin’ everything he had and what it was
wishin’ he could lose this memory wonderin’ what it does
this life has him questioning his will to fight
but being left for dead doesn’t go and make it right
cause baron city blocks will make him tare his eyes out
starved for the answers he falls down and cries out
why me, me of all people
the same adam you built before me i am just the sequel
i am just an equal of any man, every man
that walked this earth before me please tell me that you give a d-mn
give me something i can hold, show me something i can see
loneliness is gettin’ cold, i need you here in front of me
tell me to my face and rid me of the fear
why me? why am i the last one here?


and as he looks around the cars are p-ssing by
and faces line the streets, staring as he hides
spending all this time alone and trapped within
the world had stayed the same, the one who’d left was him


- letras de timeflies

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