timeflies – for you

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“for you”

this the sh-t they gonna play,
on every station every day
these the words you can’t escape,
girl i wrote this song for you
when you’re drivin in your car
pretending you don’t know the words by heart
girl i’ll be your superstar,
told you from the start i was gonna write a song for you

i’m trying to think back to that,
after that,
journey to your heart always seemin like i had the map
in these trips i’ve had to do,
i was simply p-ssin through
was a dedication, now its chapter two
on these pages now i see that,
when i’m with you i can’t be that
guy that you need now, so whats this story about?
it don’t seem like you can figure it out
no, a lots change since we met up in june
this love you can’t buy but you let it consume
and i try for you but it just don’t work
i won’t lie to you baby what’s this worth
all this fightin gets us nowhere
losin you to the crowd
and there’s no way we gon make this right
so baby go and turn your radio loud


an eternity of questions while answers she had none of
still when i was with her toss and turn until the sun up
wait for me to come up, don’t let it blind you
i have half a mind to remind you
that i can’t be there every time you need me
if you don’t like that then you can leave me
but i won’t sit here and have you tell me i’m wrong
’cause been right and i’ll be writin till i’m gone
you say you lie awake waitin,
like thats the reason we’re fadin,
keep blamin me it just ain’t right
and it’s not my fault you can’t sleep at night
all this fightin got us nowhere
lost you to the crowd
and you will see where went wrong
you just gotta turn your radio loud


now i’m livin the life
we was doin it wrong,
now we getting it right
its been a long time since i written this song
used to turn this off,
now you singing along
and even though we’re done for
girl i’ll prolly see you at my shows in the front row
screamin out the words like i told you you would do
and even though it hurts, you always knew
that i was gonna write a song for you

[chorus x2]

told you what i would do
kept my word when i said i was gonna write a song for you

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