tilly and the wall – shake it out

por favor espere um momento...

the sun has p-ssed from overhead
let the night come in, let the night walk through your door
for every sleep spent in our beds
we will push our feet so hard the room will tear
in a carnival of smiles our faces glow
oh the dark can make us feel so bold
there’s no cold can make us want to stay at home
every doubt in turn explodes
we all could p-ss right through
we all have nothing left to lose
it’s not the fire, nor the warm drink that heats my hearts
and lifts my heavy legs
your strong hand has kept me here
no i will not go, no i will not say goodnight
i was told this town’s so small it would not grow
i was told that here i would feel alone
there’s no cold no snow can make us lose our souls
the light we shine at once we follow
we all could p-ss right through
we all have nothing left to lose
you know that this night’s true, oh no there’s nothing left to lose
we’re all alive as we tumble over hours
you pull my hand in closer our faces blur
there’s nothing we have left we cannot share
so come on baby let’s dance
get your body in motion
i don’t want this to end
i don’t want to climb those stairs and go to bed
oh won’t you please just try to dance with me tonight
slide your left foot in, kick your right foot out
swing your hip to the left, swing it all the way around
bob your head back and forth, side to side, left then right
shake it out

- letras de tilly and the wall

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