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thursday – no answers

por favor espere um momento...

“no answers”

can you feel it in the dead of night?
it’s all around but can’t be seen.
can you hear it in the parking lot?
it only speaks when spoken to.
can you find it in the marathon?
the more you take the more you leave.
can you see them in a pane of gl-ss?
you know them but they don’t know you.
i can see it now:
what gets lost but never found?
what could fasten two,
yet only touches one?
who could make it hurt,
as much as it did before?
(you could tie a string
around the place where it used to show.)

i can hear the ocean when i say your name..
in the yellow hem of the sea’s blue skirt.
you’re the last asleep on a one-way train..
it’s been eight years if it’s been a day.
you can see her in a pane of gl-ss..
you think you know her but you don’t.
you share a family but you don’t share a name..
some things run deeper than blood.

no answers. no answers when you’re not around

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