this deafening whisper – cyanide overdose

por favor espere um momento...

from the abyssal depth of these endless cliffs
i watch the black hole swallowing the sun

the neon sunset cast a shadow on my face
i feel the breeze of the twilight mist

i think there is something inside
these pills that wasn’t aspirin
i begin to doubt my headache
will ever go away…

i’m flying over the cyanide cloud
as my skin begins to blister

a sublethal exposure was not enough to kill me
you should have made sure of how much i needed

i can feel the fear in my blood but
the poison won’t make it to my heart
but i will carry on
i will be the one to decide when
my time has come

you should have checked your -ssay
and leave me here for dead
i tasted my requiem
just to spit it at your face

though my eyes are blurry
and my hands are shaking
i feel the compound flooding my lungs
each breath i take makes me numb
and struggling to understand

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