letras de thewz – always coming back to you

por favor espere um momento...

you wanna know if i can settle down? well i could ask the same of you
love was not my intention but baby look what you made me do
its true, i’m a player through and through
every girl is beautiful but i’m inclined to change the view
i do have feelings, a lot of them
but a couple bad breakups make it hard to acknowledge them
a relationship is not why i went to college hun
yeah we’ve had a lot of fun but there’s a chance i still might run
and that’s just the way that i react
when you get too close to me i feel the wall against my back
trust i was never one for feeling trapped
i think about a lot of women, h-ll, that’s why i even rap
i always dated good girls, no hesitation
but i’m pausing for you cause your reputation
swear it’s in your past and you say you no longer go down
but if i went to your hometown there’s a good chance that i’d get clowned
you’ve got enough experience for both of us
i’ve got enough for three of us so how the h-ll are we supposed to trust
each other when we both know we’ve been around
the block so many times that its just habit when we do it now
and you know that i’m all about my image
that i don’t give a f-ck, i make music and get b-tches
but that’s not all true
and maybe i could leave it in the past for you
or maybe i’m just lying to myself
care about another person? i don’t care about my health
i wonder if i’m capable of feeling anything
i wouldn’t bat an eye if you just walked away with everything
and maybe that means that you’re not the one
but i can’t tell cause i’m just used to being this numb
no encore i’m walking out the front door
now you get what you want, so tell me girl do you want more?
baby i’m only gonna break your heart
it hurts for me to love you cause i know i’ll tear your world apart
i am nothing but an -ssh0l-
all i care about is me, myself, and i and my cash flow
but his is a part of my life that i’ve always dreamt about
i mean people are starting to recognize me when i go out
and i’m getting all this love on the internet
and friend requests from girls that i know i’ve never even met
don’t worry, they don’t have nothin’ on you
but i’d be lying if i said i didn’t want to
look, it’s not that i ain’t happy with ya
but there’s a broken frame over this pretty picture
it’s not you, i’m the crack in the gl-ss
i know you love me, but i’m just trapped in the past
i’ve always had a vision of exactly how my life would be
and baby there was nothing in that image about you and me
i guess i should take this at face value
cause honestly, i don’t wanna be here without you
and it’d be nonsense to disregard all the time spent
but i got a short attention span, especially when i’m bent
and when you’re mad, i know exactly what you’ll do
how do i know? cuz i would do the same thing too
but we can’t f-ck other people to back at each other
i know it’s gonna be hard but we asked to be lovers

no matter where i am, no matter what i do
i’m always coming back home to you
know that a little bit of head won’t take away my true
i’m always coming back home to you
through the lies and the sins that ride the wind that blew
i’m always coming back home to you
to the liquor in my stomach and the mess that it grew
i’m always coming back home to you
no matter where i am no matter what i do
i’m always coming back home to you
if only i had known what you already knew
i’m always coming back home to you
from the heaven i’ve had to the h-ll i’ve been through
i’m always coming back home to you
i’m always coming back home to you

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