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the weepies – red red rose

por favor espere um momento...

“red red rose”

don’t know why you do the things you do do do
holding it together with some glue glue glue
your favorite color isn’t red it’s blue blue blue
no one knows a red red rose

so you never get the things you need need need
where it’s hurt you cover up
with weeds weeds weeds
open it back up and let it bleed bleed bleed
no one knows it’s a red red rose

i’m not yours, you’re not mine
hope you find love in time

memories come back like falling leaves leaves leaves
never get to love by saying please please please
praying only gets you on your knees knees knees
no one knows a red red rose

take your time putting on
your clothes clothes clothes
look into the mirror and you pose pose pose
learn to live with everything you chose chose chose
no one knows a red red rose

- letras de the weepies

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