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the scene aesthetic – everybody

por favor espere um momento...


we’ve seen the worst times and the best
you pick me up when there’s nothing left
let you call me at 3am when there’s no one else to listen
you laugh at all my stupid jokes
come to me when you’re feeling hurt i know i can count on you,
and you know that you can count on me
oh, everybody’s got somewhere to go
seems like everybody’s got their plans
yeah, everybody’s got someone to hold
and a house with a lot of friends
oh, everybody’s got someone to love
and everybody’s got their place
oh, i’m just glad that i have you
and i know that’s never gonna change
we can talk for days and never stop
drive around singing funny love songs
you can tell me all the things that i never wanna tell myself
you always to know just what to say
to bring a light to any ordinary day
always seem to walk in when everybody’s walking out
drive for hours p-ssing every state line
a million shows and a million different people
dancing now like no one is around
cause we don’t really give a d-mn
you know the song to my heart and you sing it
back to me when i’ve forgotten all the words
you know me better than i’ve ever known myself
and somehow we just work…

- letras de the scene aesthetic

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