the ready set – approach-approach

por favor espere um momento...

i will fall down and make my move
make my move tonight, tonight
when logic falls down and hearts break out
the tantrums start tonight tonight

a river was born today
i watched it flow into the ocean blue
imagine you would to
despite the eyes that are set on you

they would hold you if they could
they would mold you if you would
don’t allow it to be, don’t allow it to be
choose your own words you’ll always be (wha ah ah ah ah)

i know its true
that who we are is what we do
infections are p-ssions
my dreams in compression
well we’ve come such a long way

i keep the thought of where my head is stretched across this land
i keep the truth
and when my heart is right behind my hand

so baby just give me one wish
i’m wishing for balance and strength for this
i know it will be hard, i know it will be haaard,

all the places and colors we’ll see
cities and celtics and highways and streets,
the balconies you’ll stare, and i will keep you there,
i will keep you there
i will keep you there

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