letras de the notorious b.i.g. – who shot ya? (original demo mix)

por favor espere um momento...

[verse 1: the notorious b.i.g.]
who shot ya? separate the weak from the obsolete
hard to creep them brooklyn streets
it’s on n-gg-, f-ck all that bickering beef
i can hear sweat trickling down your cheek
your heartbeat sound like sasquatch feet
thundering, shaking the concrete
then the sh-t stop when i foil the plot
neighbors call the cops, said they heard mad shots
saw me in the drop, three and a quarter
slaughter, electrical tape around your daughter
old school/new school need to learn though
i burn, baby, burn like “disco inferno”
burn slow like blunts with yayo
peel more skins than idaho potato
n-gg-s know: the lyrical molesting is taking place
f-cking with biggie smalls, it ain’t safe
i make your skin chafe, rashes on them -sses
b-mps and bruises, blunts and land cruisers
big poppa smash fools, bash fools
n-gg-s mad because i know that cash rules
everything around me two glock 9s
any motherf-cker whispering about mines
and i’m crooklyn’s finest
representing for the queen, her royal highness

[verse 2:]
catch this one bubonic plague
in your head, back, chest, arms, and legs
when i’m coming through grab your cranium for alternatum
son, i stay subterranium
my subliminals mix with criminal chemicals
got more milky syllables than alphabet cereal
place your bet and your whole entourage will get wet
that’s a promise ’cause idon’t make threats
i’m a graceful poet with s-d-stic ballistics
above and beyond all that other bullsh-t
linguistics aggressive antiseptic
nerve-wreckin’, concepted on consistent contestants
my deviant deliverance
leaves mc’s in a state of mal mid depressin’ (word up)
i launch flows like torpedos
at any god-given episode
i be destined to flip so much funk sh-t
and do n-gg-s better than the government
keith murray wrecks this with various combinations
i’m sick, manifestation
oh my god, it’s the hardest, i make entourages
and crews see mirages, mary j. blige is
god, gotta have my crew lace me up now

- letras de the notorious b i g

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