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the lox – if you think i’m jiggy

por favor espere um momento...

if you really dig me, and you think i’m jiggy
come on shorty let me know
we can get together, we can do whatever
but you cant get no dough

[verse 1]
yo, since the mona video you been trackin’ me down
tryin’ to figure out how i lookin’perso-nal, baby
forget looks tell me can you roll with crooks
the three hot n-gg-s rising in the billboard books, n-gg-
we look at things through the big lens, big picture
big benz we try and make ceo ends,
the thick chicks love us, big d-ck style n-gg-s
cristal n-gg-s, ya’ll finesse this quick style n-gg-s
you didn’t love me when my name was sean
now you should see how b-tches act when the benjamins come on
but i ain’t hatin’ em, you gotta love the ways females play
quickly use a neglige to getta get-away
five stars where the w-ll–s stay, and sheek pay for nothing
but thats what ya’ll herbs get for frontin’
i spend wild chips gettin’ drunk up in the china
club, while you up in skate key wit a minor

[verse 2]
i know she wit it, i betta brick i could hit it
black tie affair i gotta fresh pair of british
ice berg shirts with ice along with it
turquoise, 9-11 porsche and it’s tinted
but honey got alot of jazz, you gotta philly
you gotta bag, then she went inside the prada bag
blew two and she said it was choice, like my voice
my thug style made her cat moist
that’s the realest sh-t i heard, that’s my word
regardless who she f-cked, i’m the n-gg- she deserves
i put her on the hole in jerz, rockin’ furs
different ways to speak without using words
and even though she proper i still gotta drop her
cuz sheek dont like her, had a dream that he shot her
i cant buy you ascotta, you get nada
i’m the bounce with a chick that look a little bit hotter


they was never mine for me to dump em
its just like checkers, after they make a move then i jump em
it’s like this girlfriend i’m a keep it real,
every n-gg- with a deal ain’t able to peel
i’m a bad boy so i’m caked up with whips
and guess what, i got more nuts than chips
and they gon’ melt right in your mouth
not in your hand, you know that you aint my girl
i’m not your man
but do you still wanna lick me?
or is cause i’m a six figgy niggy, and i know biggie
and i dont mess with no fat ladies
but if you pay like you weigh then you can stay baby
pj slide to tha mo like that
with this honey named trout cuz she blow like that
and when we finish dont look at me like i owe nothin’
cuz if you really dig then let me know something

[chorus x2]

[extra verse of alb-m “if you think i’m jiggy” by the lox]

it’s a drunk laid out in the v.i.p., can’t talk about a 3 on 3
heard a freak ask sheek “big luch why don’t you pee on me?”
and her friend is tellin’ jay “i hold a key on me.”
and i’m laughin’ to myself, i got a key on me
and they friend in my ear like lean on me
told her to get some bare backs and cream on me…

yeak sheek holler to these mommies “ven aqui…”
gas ’em up easily and take ’em home with me
who respect this, can’t keep her hands off my necklace
if it’s good, next week i’ll put her on the guest list…

this goes out to all ya’ll
there’s too many names to call but ya’ll know who ya’ll are
see me at the bar all eyes on the r…
o-l to the e-x, sip the henny and vs
112 s-x styles baby, maybe we can fall in the l.o.x. files
you betta believe we all scorin’, yeah
we can dance all night and do whatever all mornin’…ha ha…yeah…

[chorus x2]

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