letras de the coffin caddies – ghost

por favor espere um momento...

j-pan! tokyo!
thus the boy becomes a curse
horror! terror!
this house the sp-wn of evil’s birth
her hair! falls from!
the darkness of the living room
she kills:
painted by ghosts!

painted by ghosts
unlock this curse
eyes sore into nothing
look back it’s behind you
i’m painted by ghosts

the boy! he drowned!
in death the two become a pair
her neck! hung low!
strangled by her very hair
the flies! my eyes!
leads to the attic where she stairs
she kills:
painted by ghosts!

she crawls to me slowly
and looks right into my eyes
i’m cornered by all sides
am i going to die?
the truth has been shattered
the truth, is all lies
this grudge has consumed me
this grudge has choose me to die

- letras de the coffin caddies

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