letras de the boys – scrubber

por favor espere um momento...

you think you`re pretty and ya, you think you`re smart
that`s two things you got wrong and that`s just the start
where d`ya get that notion that you control my heart
silly little scrubber silly little tart
you mean nothing to me i`m just playing around
silly little scrubber
i give you money and i buy you things
satin dresses and golden rings
you know what i want in return for those things
so get upstairs when your doorbell rings
i`m coming round for the thing that`s mine
and you better show me a good time
you make it so easy to be cruel
and to be greedy and not to care at all
you won`t claim no respect
so what do you expect
now that it`s time to crawl
you only get what you deserve
and there`s plenty more in reserve
so please don`t be sad, i`m picking up the tab
and ain`t it just the best time that a girl ever had

- letras de the boys

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