letras de ten foot pole – victim of humility

por favor espere um momento...

creeping up beside a chair
take out my phone there’s no one there
look down to give my eyes a valid place to hide
a crowd surrounds the loudest voice
some laugh but i flinch from the noise
and inch my way across the room to head outside
get up, get on my feet
drop the humility
get up, get on my feet
it’s always blocking me
from getting where i want to be but not tonight
an over load of empathy
i’m a self-induced victim of humility i’m chocking on timidity
but not tonight
when i hear my voice i pause
distracted by performance flaws
and worry that you might not understand my tone
so i smile and maybe cough
the tracks are there the train is off
by now you might agree i’m better off alone
sometimes i’m not feeling strong
sometimes it seems i don’t belong
and i’m not up for one more day
and everything won’t be ok

- letras de ten foot pole

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