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tech n9ne – strangeland

por favor espere um momento...


[tech] where am i?
[girl] you don’t know where you are?
[tech] no, i don’t
[girl] you’re in strangeland
[tech] strangeland?
[girl] yeah, strangeland
[tech] well uhh.. how did i get here?
[girl] well that’s simple, mr. yates
[tech] what, do you mean?
[girl] you’re the creator

[verse 1]
what i saw was amazin after raisin up and
gazin at the vapors that i’m creatin, nights and days i’m pavin
the way for ragin, techaholics, makin havens
next to all this hate and craze and death, we call it a place of consummation
of perfection, fulfillment, the tech runs the building
respect one’s resilience, from threats guns and illnesses
this place is realness, it feels as if it’s lifted
a bit sick and twisted and real wicked, villages
and i’m the main man, that made every effort to gain fans
through all my pain i obtain grands
millions just cause of my brain now my lane stands
insane rants, the name brand, call it strangeland

gettin paid was the gameplan
but the lane transformed to untamed fans
enhanced in the strangeland
(can’t live up to them) pain and insane land
(wakin up in a) strangeland
where everybody know my name man
cause my blood and veins ran through the mainland
i am in the strangeland
(can’t live up to them) pain and insane land
(wakin up in a) strangeland

[verse 2]
a world filled with technicians lets this one
stress lifting, mesh kids in sets, with them tech listenin vets
expression is best written, less hid than flesh
women, s-x driven, that’s livin, yes been impressed
by the way the tech is blessin ’em – it shows
cause the land it steady grows, and i’m the man with fetid flows
but understand he said he knows, that he ran a deadly road
but he woke up with a family, bros, in a land of uncanny souls
and they adore him, even if they can’t afford him
be the rich, and be the poor then, really get to be before him
to get laced, on mistakes, and big brakes
quick pace, lyrics they pick in this place

he played me some stuff in uh, in l.a., off “tha carter iv”
he has a, he has a record on there with umm
this dude named tech n9ne i don’t know if you guys heard of him?
oh man, he’s crazy, he’s crazy


[verse 3]
am i in the twilight zone? cause my mic’s on
but i never thought the world would buy my songs
cause in my land i am the highlight inside my dome
but now it’s my height, they try bite, cause my life long
in this hip-hop, everybody’s lip drops
when i spit the gift that quickly shifted cause i get props
it’s terrific; they recognizin me on every level if you missed it
if you look you findin me on the very rebel, this is listed
‘tech n9ne, a insane man!’
his own lane had the strain and pain, and that became fans
when all the dames glance, he’s doin the rain dance
because the whole world is ’bout to be a strangeland

[tech is introduced on tour]


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