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tech n9ne – i love music

por favor espere um momento...

“i love music”
(feat. kendrick lamar, oobergeek)

[verse 1 – tech n9ne:]
the, the
the reason that i’m breathin’
…gets me cheese while i’m eatin’ in bad season
was deep in beef and was needin’ some beasta release in evenings
instead of me being up and bleedin’ with these young heathens with cheese and obstacles
made it possible for the flow, gotta be profitable
your text’s audible, his inarguable prada prophet was plausible
god is so good for givin’ me music!
liftin’, gettin’ me though it when i was fixin’ to lose it
dudes h-t big scoob’s sh-t ‘n reppin’ the blue tip
foo’s skipped with … we jumped in the … whip
full clips for who stick the homie for true grip
my crew, thanks to music, we all living through it
got me out of the ghetto
got me mucho dinero
in cozumel, mexico shorts and jordans and a sombrero
this gift, ain’t given from a devil, so settle
come and get this rebel music that’s hot as a kettle, pendejo
saved my life, paid my lights, made my wife, say “bye bye”
gave my … babes, i like prayed my mic
would never fade, forever slayed, days i write
my chedda raise up better, faze way high hyped
my music’s one reason i always get to lay my pipe
the reason tech nina can comfortably say “night, night”
blessed me, with original flow, so hey! why bite?
i hear, i feel, i live, listen, and learn.
i like

[chorus – krizz kaliko:]
(i love music)
yeah, i love (i love music)
for real (i love music)
and i need (i love music)
to feel (i love music)
go and play it (i love music)
yeah, know what i’m saying? (i love music)
my love (i love music)
know what i’m saying?

[verse 2 – oobergeek:]
automatic when i do this
manually, daily, monthly, annually
i get a step closer to being the coolest
acoustic got me foolin’, about to lose it
ooh, sh-t
jump in the grind, and my hom’ mean mike produced it
that’s music pahtna
i’m just a poet with incredible rhythm
words arranged will let you know he has incredible in him
i don’t mean to toot my own h-rn, but toot toot, ha ha
i laugh because it’s easier than do ray mi fa so la
ti do, we know he go … on that c note
and he can play a c note with that b note
i’m talkin’ truth
and i got stories that i show you that it’s walkin proof
a thousand miles of it and i can show you what i’m walkin’ through
music ain’t a hobby, it’s an organ, of my body, that the creator provided back in january of ’92
so don’t you dare say that music skipped my generation
your hatin’ ain’t nothin’ but motivation for these compilations

[chorus 2 – krizz kaliko:]
(i love music)
yeah, it feeds me (i love music)
i need (i love music)
you feel me? (i love music)
know what i’m saying? (i love music)
yeah, it’s my thang (i love music)
know what i’m saying? (i love music)
and i love it (i love music)
yeah, go ahead!

[verse 3 – kendrick lamar:]
music is my life
the reason why i write
like edgar allen poe on the beat, like a parasite
you thought a parachute made my flow just fall out the sky
then you fell apart into a body part no one would buy
n-body tried my limits ’cause they’re afraid of heights
the ambition, weak or gravity let ’em die
i let you live until a n-gg- compose a rhyme
then it’s like a rhino in your -ss every time
time and time again i treat my pen like the pen
bars harder than pelican bay and i been
servin’ a life sentence since the day i was ten
nine times outta ten you only ten songs deep before you leap
into a pool of sharks then swim
that’s an -n-logy on the way i do casualties
and i do this sh-t casually
before the first end, i’ll be in the hall of fame with my picture framed, friend

[chorus 3 – krizz kaliko:]
and if it wasn’t for my music, i wouldn’t be standing here!
if it wasn’t for my music, you wouldn’t have nothing to hear, yeah
and i love…

(i love music)
i need it to live (i love music)
it’s almost the … (i love music)
yeah, and i love yeah (i love music)
this time i’ma be quiet (i love music) (shh!!)

and i love it (i love music)
showing i love it (i love music)

[tech n9ne]

wake up!!!

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