sublime – mary

por favor espere um momento...

baby one breath away.
i’ll find the words to say.
i’ll sit and light the bong.
i’ll hold my hit in real long.
i don’t know if i can go up inside of you tonight.
oh mary baby please don’t fuss and fight.
you’ve heard the line before.
mary baby please don’t think i’m a bore.
if you come home to me turn off the lights, and lock up the doors, and start getting busy.

i don’t know if i can go so far up inside you tonight.
oh mary baby i could do it right.
when we got to the pad,
mary baby started calling me her dad.
yes, she gave me head.
we could not find a d-mn bed!
fifteen years old plus one, hotter than a microwave oven.
oh mary baby, daddy is coming home.

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