letras de steyn – no to mumble rap

por favor espere um momento...

[intro ]
eyo whats good my guy

(you know….been busy……with some tracks you feel me)

i feel you bro….so where you at nowwa days….you know what are you bumping too

(i got this tracks by gucci gang his the next big thing in hip hop he got all the money and the hoes)

nah man thats not real talent i get hiphop c ball but look at the bigger mass portrayed

(uhm what do u have for me)

what do i have is it cool if i show u

(yeah its ok)

ok lets go

[verse ]
he’s black
and probably whack
i ain’t even gonna borther go and listern to that
imma morph into a hater and consider it trash
i like basic rhymes i love mumble rap
maybe i would liked you more if you dyed your hair
get some face tattoos and a golden grill
bе the next k!ller g drug addict hеre
say the same d~mn words and i will be trilled
i dont think im dark and dont think i’m switch
lets get one thing straight i ain’t following trends
you just read the captions and make assumptions
you hate all day man it’s clear you’re struggling
stay open minded i dont get high off
my own supply what i feel i write it
i’ll be defined as what i’ve provided
my life’s a mess i am undelighted
i’ve been reciting this lines i’m hyped in
this 9~5 life it is quite frightening
bet on myself so i throw the dice in
it’s fight night and im mike tyson
i’m thinking long term i endure the pain
on the road to greatness i dont care for fame
you can talk dirt and you can throw shades
i’ve been grindin so hard in my own lane
[chorus ]
i’ve been in my own l lane tryna find my self
the path i’m on i do not see n0body else
i’m humble i am hungry i know where i’m headed
i ain’t never slowing down there no limit
i’m on a whole nother level
whole nother level
you ain’t never coming close cause…..
i’m on a whole nother level
whole nother level
whole nother level
i’m humble i am hungry i can never settle

(i’m falling
what have i become dont know who i am)×2

- letras de steyn

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