letras de stewie – opposite of innocence (ft. wormzz)

por favor espere um momento...

[verse 1: stewie]

chillin’ like a villain
black man with hero intentions
rhyme longer than black girl extensions
traveling different dimensions
more or less
making mc’s scream no hablas ingles
no stress when lyrics get pressed
its compet-tion never the less
take it personal get that -ss put to rest
while i be rapping
my lyrics be scr-pping
while you be chillin’
i’m trynna get millions
while i be sick yo flow penicillin
but its okay cuz n-gga i’m winnin’
heard ya song and a grave only thing i’m diggin’
so unwritten
flow so hot i brush my t–th with oven mittens
you so soft like kittens
all snakes i hear you hissin’ (hiss)
if hip hop is love i’ll be pimpin’
with a cane
cajones bigger than the nuts on great danes
insane in the membrane
you pocket sized you don’t get frame
educated black man i feel so mystical
slightly c-cky
punchlines hittin’ hard like rocky
never gonna rock me
off course
try and attempt (ha)
straight bandit
ya girl a ho we call her public transit
chilling with wormzz if you take this bait
you might meet your fate!

[verse: 2 wormzz]
can’t see my style you got cataracts
it’s so urban like cadillacs
so supurb is my final act
i’m upgrading so legendary
i’ll soon just be counting stacks
so approach me real cautionary
or you and your spine i’ll crack
imagine my lyrics became the anthem
for dragons chomping for ransom
you’ll probably need ninety cannons
i’m blasting you and yo faction
eradicating yo family
annihilating yo daddy
-ss-ssinating yo mommy
i’m captivating so casual
actually he’s a cannibal
lunchables made of humans
and drinking blood like its danimals
battle ballistic
not a statistic
my presence, is a present
i’m rapping because i’m gifted
i’m smashing because i’m lifting
my limit is like no ceilings
that’s infinite
finishing off yo ignorance
replenishing with spinach b-tch
the opposite of innocence

[hook: wormzz]
we the opposite of innocence
k!llin’ we so diligent
runnin’ up in villages
it’s two crazy lyricists
cuz this the opposite of innocence
we the opposite of innocence

- letras de stewie

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