steve forbert the rough squirrels – complications

por favor espere um momento...

complications, complication going down
complication in your life time
complication all around, once more to

complications, complications in the wind
complication where you’re bound for
complications we’ve been

you’ve been tryin’ to do your job, tryin’ to save a dollar
tryin’ to do the best that you can
tryin’ to pay the rent and keep the lights shining
tryin’ to be a simple kind of man

but your problem is complications
complications you to stay
complications every night now
complications everyday

tony plan a trip to florida, gonna find this in the sun
new york city, went abroad and down
he was headed to the airport when the snow began to fall
it was days before, he finally left the ground

’cause the complications
complications in the air
complications in the forecast now
complication everywhere

judy finally got a vehicle, the auto of her dreams
flashes supersonic road machine
and so she pulled into the pubs, but ronnie bring her down to find out
now she can’t afford to take a gasoline

because complications, complication back again
complications in your life time judy
complication’s still your friend

you’ll be walking down the street, meet up with a friend
young and seem to be a little mad at you
he takes you with a punch and leaves you on the ground there
trying to figure it out, don’t have a clue

you just got complications
complications knocks you down
complications on the sidewalk bank
complications on the ground, go ahead

just a complication, complication in the air
complication in the forecast
complication everywhere, everywhere

just complication, baby
complication all the time
complication in your footsteps
complications in your mind

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