soulja boy – vintage

por favor espere um momento...


n-gg-rs say they want that beef
agoff came in, strapped up
laying n-gg-rs back up
ballistics your back up
better call for backup
act tough
bz got my back bro
came in
n-gg-r like a navy seal
keep it real
n-gg-rs i’m up in that field
like a f-cking army man
guns came from pakistan
we came from pakistan
giving n-gg-rs bag hands
street n-gg-r’s life b-tches
we all sitting up twenty inches
and i sh-t on twenty eight
life is great
and it may
eat the cake
n-gg-r i
take you n-gg-rs any day
never gave a f-ck
cause my cake up
wake up
bake up
n-gg-r i ain’t
with that f-cking hating stuff
f-ck that
but i’m a lip
twenty’s whip
got my money on my mind
i’m out of here
so fly
need some f-cking land to give
agoff is the f-cking man in here
never gave a f-ck about the next man
n-gg-r i’m the best man
agoff i’m the hit man
leaning on that [?]
vintage, vintage, vintage, vintage, vintage
see i
got a sign a
get my money all day
whip my n-gg-r taz
ain’t no motherf-cking freak
rhymes for two time felon
that’s may selling
weed on the street
still hustle just to eat
f-ck with me you defeat
never see me on the floor
i get hit some n-gg-rs get murdered
get some murder more
it’s that real sh-t
killer sh-t
catch you up i’m real as sh-t
pull you f-cking eyes
out your face
you be feeling sh-t
i don’t give a f-ck
smoke some drone
p-ssed that row
b-tches want to f-ck some more
she off that blow
she’s a hoe
she going to suck me at the party
with the [?]
t some records in the club
and we not up here to fight
just f-ck a b-tch
swag out
n-gg-rs out here mad about
us balling out you just a f-g out, a f-g out
pull you flag out
bet it’s pink
have a drink
b-tch -ss n-gg-r
can’t get b-tches
cause his f-cking breath stink
he’s on where these hoes at
n-gg-r where the drones at
you ain’t fresh b-tch
where your fly fresh clothes at?
you, looking broke rat
looking like a broke b-tch
we going to smoke some weed n-gg-r
we don’t roll up rich
brand new
feeling sh-t
brand new
vintage, vintage, vintage, vintage, vintage
brand new
killer tick
brand new
vintage, vintage, vintage, vintage, new vintage
hoe that new vintage
new vintage hoe
brand new
ocean gang
ben d
fen d
b-tches want to f-ck me
suck me
screw me
cocaine on my card
yeah she going to sniff it up
suck on his d-ck girl
yeah going to get it up
squirt you
work you
but i never hurt you
yeah it’s a clipping blood
blood, cuts and raw moves
yeah young jesus
n-gg-rs know where’s ether
add that x on the front
b-tch it’s tisa
yeah slide you visa
yeah i’m like ether
yeah i’m in the clouds yeah uh
but you see the cloud and the foreman
sun of george foreman
good a grill good a meal
yeah we be swarming
yeah i’m that guy too
yeah call me tele view
till your b-tch went
she come in
to my view
yeah it’s the teeth that click
sodmg b-tch
meet soulja boy
we be getting to know [?]
soulja, soulja, tisa, tat a
i’m his beat
i’m a slap her
yeah, i do this sh-t
tisa gang
ocean gang
what the f-ck you want to do?
b-tch sniffing that cocaine
yeah godd-mn i swag got a sp-ce
man you’re a f-cking disgrace
came in first place
young dre mcm briefcase
i got hit
money in my pocket
gold in my wallet
treat you like a stocking
hang you on that f-cking wall
death is what pick up a drone
so i won’t pick up her calls
every day i f-cking ball
and i’m knocking pictures
of your f-cking wall
young soulja boy
met my swag
it’s fantastic
f-ck your body
dump your body
of in lake [?]
i’m live boy
it’s nothing
i’m riding on a lama
all day st-tching clear with the drum bro
they don’t want their drama
main they ride around with tats on them
tisa gang, ocean gang
we’ll swarm them
i don’t want to harm them
but i knock his head of his shoulder bro
n-gg-r catch an uppercut
n-gg-r catch a peak shot
riding around my hood
yeah you think it’s the east coast
f-cking with the west coast
hit his man girl with the best throw
godd-mn this tisa gang splashing
ocean gang
came out the water ready for the action
n-gg-r talk that sh-t
i’m still going to get it in
this is like a homicide
i’m about my dividends
twenty two twelve
we ain’t taking sh-t
bro we taking it
everywhere we hit the block
all that f-cking cash we spent
b-tch is staring
ocean gang, tisa gang
all up in paris
godd-mn don’t give me that
b-tch i’m karl lager field
swaging with that fifty clip
talking on that f-cking ship
punch you in your f-cking lip
oh god
vintage, vintage, vintage, vintage, vintage

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