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soulja boy – moving

por favor espere um momento...

(feat. agoff)

no instruments
yaw read no n-gg-r
cash everywhere
forty million salary
just like the nba
all white every day
like i’m in the kkk
came with the door
with no instruments
i’m swimming
young soulja boy
gives a f-ck
i keep it pimping
hate on me
chewing at my enemies
right down ocean drive
and agoff is with me
sinter is empty
looking like i’m on him
everywhere i go
splash cash like i want it
f-ck what you heard
on my turf
that’s the west side
cause i came out the ground
just like the oil
n-gg-rs don’t want
their motherf-cking thermo
five hit your never list
tell the hoes we’re spending click
ocean gang
twenty twelve i’m splash
what the f-ck you heard?
came with the cash bro
money on my chain bro
everywhere is easy
yeller diming busy
make that sh-t look easy
i’ll freeze it
i’m frozen
third eye open
came with the forty clip
like i post her
oh your sister wants my face
on the poster
i swag on my shoulder
they case is
you’re gone n-gg-r

rustling, hustling, grinding, jogging
working, working, moving, cooking
plug it, plug it
it’s nothing, it’s nothing
i love it, i love it
love it, i love it
shots out to agoff
this is no instrument

came out the water with that fifty clip
soulja i told you
fifty stars, american flag
godd-mn, i came here
alien on my pants tip
versace, watch me
shush, shush, it’s nothing
ain’t even planning
ain’t even playing
all that i know
twenty twelve we going to make it
rubber band wrist
just made it

soulja, soulja, jogging, jogging
working, hustling, moving, moving
grinding, grinding
shots out to agoff

what’s all the keeve
this is no instrument
agoff ain’t got to prove sh-t
i hustle hard
i don’t got to talk about the money
cause i got it boy
five star general
ocean gang
got the money n-gg-rs
can’t f-ck with
now i’m on some harder sh-t
cali life, live it
hustle everyday
do this sh-t
b-tch is pimping
man i’m from a hole
another motherf-cking dimension
came out the water
and i don’t even got a mansion
b-tches on my d-ck and sh-t
i don’t give a f-ck them n-gg-r
talking heat and leaks and sh-t
b-tch i’m still positive
ride alright until the end

hustler hustling, jogging, jogging
working, working, moving, moving
soulja, agoff, soulja, ocean
hustling, moving, jogging, jogging

i came with the master plan
forty records i understand
young soulja boy
godd-mn man i’m busy man
been a fan
yeah i know you like this
yeah i know i’m high stoke
try to get like us
it don’t even matter
i be posted up
by the lake hallows
still penetrate
don’t make me demonstrate
godd-mn i been on this … kinky
godd-mn i been on the trade
where you lay
godd-mn its agoff
go ahead and take off
don’t want a n-gg-r to cook
the play saw
godd-mn the play saw
just like a horse shoe
i’m on you
young soulja boy came out
just like forty two
godd-mn i’m thirty three
godd-mn i’m twenty one
riding round with fifty
on my neck
list a golden one
holler, holler
pimp pop his collar
b-tch on the strove
rigging word
i get dollar
moving, working, agoff, agoff
soulja, soulja
go ahead and take off
no instruments, no instruments
look kiss is filthy rich
soulja boy got fifty bricks
no instruments

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