sonnie carson – get by

por favor espere um momento...

we like it, they love it
tryina get by, tryina get rich and get fly
you wanna free verse, i give you three blunts, high
just be stacking all these 50’s
till i’m standing on a hill fill of grants, like felines
out here like i ain’t got a home
in the freshest sneakers while i’m sneaking
bringing models home
laughing at these n-gg-s who just swear they in the building
but they don’t know the difference from residential and model homes
money, power, respect, it’s all that really matters
i just play the other side like a steering wheel in paris
shout out to my team on top of any of those
little brothers moving, tired, work like we for makeup
we ain’t ever letting go
so until they cut them all, f-cking track
every n-gg- round me slinging petty coat
straight with or without rap, bottom line, line for line
anyone of you n-gg-s can have that
tell ’em that i’m underrated, definitely, stay like it, i doubt that
all these n-gg-s married to the game, where your spouse at?
never say never, but f-ck it when i finish
i’m a sweeter person, i ain’t never had a limit
i’m in my song, ain’t n-body f-cking with me
yeah, i got you n-gg-s scared like you dropped your iphone
no, i ain’t got a deal, no, i ain’t got a mil
still walk around this motherf-cker like i’m on
raised by the projects, sponsored by cocaine
running through brooklyn like the motherf-cker foe trains
shout out to the checker, please, n-gg-, i’m a chess mad
dress mad, just a young n-gg- with some old game
these n-gg-s can’t do nothing with me
my flow tighter than a numb p-ssy
we major without a budget, screaming too
we like it, they love it

- letras de sonnie carson

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