sole remedy – solace

por favor espere um momento...

i finally broke free from the anarchy
still this frame holds my future so faintly

the dawn will rise once more from the ashes
but will it bring me closer to solace?

you are gone but my soul still burns
you’re running free
i have no place left to hide anymore
is this my end?

hope left, it’s silent now.
the wayward roads that led him home
are long gone. such a burden to deal
for this soul, i call home.

all alone! far from home!
i cast out this burden!
further down this deep hole
my journey will end soon

why did you leave me? why did you run away?
i still need guidance through this p-ssage
did you ever think this might be my final breath
you still need me to remember…

- letras de sole remedy

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