slim thug – tha thug show

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“tha thug show”

thugga, boss hogg outlawz, action
it’s the motherf-ckin thug show
hah, hah, geah, south fire in this b-tch
slim thugga in this b-tch

good evening, welcome to outlawz season
i’d like to say h-llo, you tune in to tha thug show

[verse 1]
thugga the throwdest n-gg- in the universe, cooler than a fan is
girls give me p-ssy, say i’m cooler than their man is
i beat it up without a fee, with you she hit the lottery
i’m on some g-sh-t, fair exchange, no robbery
your money’s my philosophy, millions with a apostrophy
i guess it’s why these hpds and apds watchin me
h-town’s my property, the boss, man, i gotta be
so if you land on it, pay up, like on monopoly
your dream b-tch jockin me, but i give her no play
if you ain’t f-ckin, keep your lips out my rosse
you rap n-gg-s role play, i live this sh-t that i talk
welcome to the thug show, star me, thug boss


[verse 2]
my whips change with the season, now could this be the reason
your b-tch mouth on my d-ck like she teasin
longest a n-gg- breathin, i’ma be eatin, a hogg appet-te greedy
trying to stack my next meal, so hurry up and feed me
got two kids that need me, so i hustle til i p-ss out
chasing up that paper, boy, like this my last route
trying to make you feel me like i’m spittin out my last out
i’m richer than you n-gg-s, don’t make me pull this cash out
it ain’t ’bout what you ’bout, it’s more ’bout what you say
they say you can’t take it with you, but f-ck it, put it in my grave
i’m trying to get the heaven bait, cause i’m used to living laid
and if they got the vip, then you gon see me on stage


[verse 3]
whole team (?) starters hustle hard and party harder
this is ’bout to go down, hope you got your tape recorders
catch me in the club wasted, bad b-tch in my view
take her home plus 2, you know how the thugga do
raw uncut, turn a p-rnstar with a sl-t
beat it from behind, pull out and bust on a b-tt
triple x rated, i know plenty people hate it
i’m still happy that a n-gg- made it
so we gon celebrate it, fire up that weed and get drunk
f-ckin act like we from atl and this b-tch get crunk
it’s h-town, still now, so texas where the love go
i’m what you been lookin for, stay tuned for tha thug show

[chorus x2]

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