sirens sailors – cattle skulls & shotgun shells

por favor espere um momento...

my damsel,
it’s been months.
since i’ve talked to you,
or seen your face.
my palates gone dry
and sand encrusts both of my eyes.
and i’m surrounded by
h-ll yeah !
cattle skulls & shotgun sh-lls.
i bet you thought i was dead.
the ghost of me lingering in your head. haha !
the ghost of me, forever lingering around.
you’ll be sorry when i’m back in town.
the stars will guide me home
where they know i’m coming for you.
i want you dead, not alive.
i want to bury you by his side.
i want insects to crawl through your eyes
and stare you in the face as you cry,
“please don’t end me !”
leaving you like you left me,
surrounded by cattle skulls & shotgun sh-lls.

- letras de sirens sailors

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