shades of dusk – the mournful dawn of existence

por favor espere um momento...

blinded by a storm of tears, no regrets
f-ck all my deadly mistakes
get out of your world and see the light
shadow standing in the mist(and it’s smiling)
walking through the flames of hatred
far away from the garden of sins
same lies for the slaves of this nightmare
it’s now or never, there’s no turning back

cryptic moon like a lake of gold
open your arms and prepare yourself
the mournful dawn of existence

in a dream, i’ll close my eyes with no fear
i’ll take a look to the sky
my body and soul will turn to dust
arms wide open for divinity
tears of blood on the mirror of your fate
think fast, your life slides through your hands
don’t waste any time to live for today
the quest for serenity is over now


the stars are crying at your sight
the eyes of cruelty whispers some hope
the purity of evil in the feast of beauty
the key to darkness cold as your breath
the kiss that froze your lips forever

blow the smoke and make it clear in your heart
never meant to be all alone
disturbing silence that make you doubt
of your truly purpose on this earth
from a war that ravage your troubled mind
only the strong will survive in this chaos
believe in your strengths to kill the pain

[chorus 2x]

- letras de shades of dusk

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