seraphim – permanence

por favor espere um momento...

fancy is boiling in wondering volition,
my heart and soul in lonely imprisonment
glamour of magic spark light burn off teardrop,
the tearing heart unceasing away

a cheerless speculation leaves the moonshine,
the wheel of destiny in trembling heart
engrave the blueprint of an everlasting poor old pledge,
extreme grief reunites again

the utmost sublimation becomes an eternal life,
confine yourself to shuttle now & past
essence and movement of love blow in the wind,
leave with the edge of cloud in the sky

the eternal life throughout the ages,
is the chance to comprehend the mindless scheming
debris and ruins of doomsday never appear,
live in an ice-bound lonely night

the guilty immerse in empyrean existence of challenge,
will polish your sight
on the edge of this world emerge the vow of the rainbow
a mute taciturnity and limitless illusion
the excitation in your eyes is a sempiternal spring

- letras de seraphim

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