scarlet white – stick to your guns

por favor espere um momento...

[verse 1]
no i won’t be silent
i won’t go down without a fight
and no i won’t sit back and just watch
when things ain’t right
i’ve gotta keep on moving
i know i’ve gotta give my all
’cause the bigger they are
the harder they fall

gotta stick to your guns
never back down or run
keep marching on to the beat of the drum
gotta raise that flag high
’cause right now it’s do or die
so rise up or be shot down

[verse 2]
this is for the helpless
this is for the ones in need
we’re fighting for the broken
and the ones who can’t speak
we are on nation
under god with freedom for all
united we stand
divided we fall


the time has come
to stand up
and take control


rise up or be shot
rise up or be shot down

- letras de scarlet white

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