letras de sbchrome – on my chest

por favor espere um momento...

back to back again with it
i never play with it
when it comes to your heart
i’m the man with it
know i never play with it
making sure forever that i stay
and n0body could get in the way
you could hear it the words that i say
you could feel the music when it play
ain’t n0body attractive as you
all on the bed when you lay down
not a single thing plastic ‘bout you
that’s why i want you to stay
i would do anything for you bae
girl you shine like a sun ray
wanna take you to tampa bay
hunnid racks for the vaca

lately i’ve been feeling on your vibes
i wanna know what’s inside of your mind
i’ll give you all of me but don’t waste my time
i wonder what it takes to make you mine
i’ll make my decisions
based on intuition
girl i know you wishing you were by my side
i’mma holla at you when it’s time to ride
i’mma slide on you when it’s time to ride

- letras de sbchrome

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