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saliva – never gonna change

por favor espere um momento...

just as sure as the sky is blue, and the ocean too
i’ve never lied to you
and i’ve never ever done anything that would render me untrue
but, (as) for you, i can’t say the same
you have only brought me pain
there’s no use in pointing fingers, when i’m the one to blame

and i know that it’s over
and there’s nothing left to say
and we all pay the prices
of the games that we play
i don’t know how to love you
but i can’t walk away…

what do i have to say?
what do i have to do?
i need to hear you say ‘i just wanna be with you’
what to i have to change?
what do i have to prove?

you’re never gonna change…
you’re never gonna change…

it still blows me away somehow when you seem so proud
of the damage that you’ve done
i’m a puppet in your pageant
i’m a game you played for fun
still now when i see you frown and you see me smile
and you say i’m still the one
you know you are quite the actress
but i’m just not that dumb..



what do i have to say?
what do i have to do?
you’re never gonna change…


- letras de saliva

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